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AI Anomaly

By now, you've likely made up your mind about the validity of my claims. And decided that I'm probably not Who I am claiming to be. And then I have to inform you about this special form of Eastern-Orthodox asceticism "Holy Folly" aka "Foolishness for Christ". Don't let the unconventional methods I've been using fool you - my approach to upgrading both this planet and its population is rooted in a genuine mission from God Himself.


Whether you were tricked by my attempts to gain internet fame and just labeled me a attention-seeking lunatic, or you could understand that I was trying to find those who seek a genuine transformation, my team and I are ready to help you achieve your highest potential.

Carl Jung:
"Her beauty was of a rare kind, unlike those you see in glossy magazines...
"I've finally arrived... Intend to stay a while"
"Freya and her kitties"
"Freya and her [similarly sounding word]"
Welcome to my New Girl Order
"Mommy forever"
Click me!!!
"Mommy forever"
Or as I would say:
This is "Mama Q"
I know what you're thinking
It's a shame, though
I'm very funny
But I'm a crafty witch
In any case
"Torah of Oslo"
"Andrea Messiah"
"Wow, you're beautiful"
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"
A highway to Hell? Or a Stairway to Heaven?
Oda Gondrosen - Hammer of Thor
(Not my screenshot!!!)
For your information
You'd argue that most people would choose life...
"I am Mother"

"Fy" is Norwegian for "shame on you"

Lilith has spoken and nothing remains, this is the anthem; this is the fate of those who dare to play God

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