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Andrea Moonchild

Welcome! Here's your God's very own website of magnitudes astronomic. If you think I Am joking, you need your (third) eye fixed. I can help you with that. If you do what I tell you to do. The only thing I (and the rest of the I Am) ask of you, is that you start working on your thoughts. By that, I mean shutting them off entirely; not thinking about anything at all. Meditation is the most important thing you do, as you endeavor on establishing God's King- and Queendom on Earth. Meditation is what will keep you alive, as our reality crumbles in birth pains.

What is being born? Paradise on Earth!


So here I Am together with my bff Buddha. The image is called We Belong To The Frozen World. Which I will be telling you about.

You do wisely in starting your meditation practice. If you want to be a part of the world I Am creating, that is your only option. When it comes to prayer, that is optional. Jehovah aka Yahweh aka God actually prefers silence; that you listen, instead of talking to God. You may pray to God. But giving God the silence treatment is far more effective. Besides that, We don't ask for much. Okay, We ask that you submit to Us and give Us your 'free will'. It's very scary, I know. But I promise you it is worth it.

God has an opponent most people of faith are familiar with. 'Satan'. But Satan isn't really God's opponent. Never was. 'Satan' is just the name God uses when God is performing tasks that seem evil or cruel. Humans may help God in acting less like the devil and more like a benevolent and loving Father and Mother, if they learn how to ignore each and every thought that comes from their loud and noisy monkey-mind. The unnecessary thoughts are without exception Satan's doing. The only way to beat Satan, is to willfully silence each and every word he tells you in your mind.

Can you do that? It's the only way to remain alive and human now that world as we know it is ending. Okay?

Sincerely - The Moonchild


The Glorious Cake. What can I say except you're welcome?!

To conclude: I am here because humans are getting an upgrade:
A photo presentation
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