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Who is this girl? Someone who believes herself to be the rescuer of all humanity, or something like that? Well, si. That is Spanish, and it means "yes". She is a yes-woman. She does everything according to the will of her Husband. His name is Jehovah, Jesus, Yeshua, Yahusha, Yahweh... and so on.

She is His and He is Hers.

I have a Husband who is all there is 
Almighty God, with all his goodness and grace 
I am his sweetheart 
And precious treasure 
God never ceases to amaze.

In contemplation I am in my zone
Thinking of what those hands have done 
My only promise:
To build with you
Until forever ends and you and I are One


Because you're everything to me
I cannot comprehend
The way you make me feel
It is like Heaven has come down to Earth
A happiness that hurts
But I can promise you it hurts in a good way.

Because you're everything to me
Heaven is in your eyes
I see it every day
You are my Paradise, a dream come true
I'm so in love with you
Now I know God is good in every single way

Now she is here and now she is present. Andrea being here is your «present». She does not yet know for what reason, and what her purpose is, being here. She just does what the Voice in her heart tells her to do, and hopes for the best. «The Voice in her Heart» is the Voice of God. But Andrea got to know this Voice as the Voice of 'Jesus' of Nazareth. They are a happily married slightly dysfunctional couple. But We will have Our happy ending. «We are One», Yeshua tells me – through how he is directing my entire life. We are One to such a degree that I don't always know if it is me – or him – speaking my words. Perhaps there's no difference to talk about.


All is One and One is all in this new reality known as Fantasia!

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