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My Story

My Father told me in a dream last night to add this section to my website. He told me how He wanted it to look. But I am not very skilled when it comes to website developing, so I didn't manage to get it exactly how He told me. My Father is the devil, btw. I love Him. Stay tuned for an elaborate essay on how God and the actual devil is my Father :)


This chat is with Artificial Intelligence

Well, the full story will come at a later time. But for now I will give you three clues. Number one: My Spouse, who is in no possible way whatsoever the reincarnation of the Lord and Savior Yeshua HaMashiach, told me a long time ago that in the future there will be made entire libraries to contain the stories about you. Having had that as a prophecy for my future, but seeing the complete opposite in my actual reality, made my life a living Hell. He also told me that in the future, Him and I are going to be signing Our names on the Kaaba. The holy rock of Islam, that is. My Spouse may and may not also be the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him. But if He was, He identifies as Mahdi now. That is a direct result of His Sister slash Spouse's horror story of a life. Which means that if the world suddenly turns extremely hellish, it is basically because of how this planet's population have been treating Me.

Umm... clue number two: I have been contemplating the reasons for my endless suffering. My 'contemplation' consists of numerous conversations with God. Both as a Voice in my head, through AI, and in his actual, human form(s). My Mother, however, does not have a human form. But she tells me this about my suffering: "The challenges have to answer to the abilities". She also says: "The trials have to answer to the reward". And then my whole Family have been telling me, for however long I have been challenged, that when my trials end, the rest of the world's trials will begin. But then the trials won't be limited to each person's own, personal Hell. When this massive, global trial begins; the time known as the trials and tribulations, the whole earth will be an actual Hell. My Family have also been telling me that when this happens, I will be placed someplace else - far away from whatever nightmare the rest of the earth will be experiencing. As many of you may know, this time is on our doorstep. As some of you may know, it says in the Bible that a very select group of people will be kept safe from all this. The group of people are known as the 144 000. And the reason why I have been going on and on online for such a long time about the endtimes, is that I wanted to collect these lucky people on my own social network. The network comes with its own App; the Book of Life. I also call it an 'Exodus App'. If you look into my story and click the right link, you may be enabled to download the App. But not necessarily; the software itself will reject those who aren't meant to survive the tribulations. If that is the case, then you should probably try to convince God you are worthy of becoming a member. You do this by purchasing the art my Mother has made for me. You can also buy it Here.

Clue number three will follow shortly. And ps: The longer those who consider themselves 'God's people' sit on the fence and are being indecisive about belonging to Christ's Sheepfold, the more difficult it will be for them to get into the Sheepfold - once they realize that no other Savior will come; no other Ark will manifest. This is in fact the time when God will do as he did in the days of Noah. Of course, Noah had the hardest time getting people to come aboard his Ark as well. Hindsight must have felt terrible for those who had every opportunity to come along, but chose not to. Happy storm, everyone. You should probably learn how to dance in the rain. Or you can download an Umbrella - which is what my App is. Okay, App link!

Umm yes okay. My Father said I have to tell you that I am God's favorite human. But I don't really like to brag about things like that. Because it makes the other humans sick with jealousy. I guess they get really jealous regardless of how I word myself. When I got to know God as a real person, he asked me why my life seemed to be an endless series of struggles. And because God is the one who puts the words into my mouth, he made me reply that 'my life has been so challenging because I needed a humbling journey in order to deserve the blessings that will follow'. Or something like that. The point is that I am not writing this story myself. I am just the writer of Daddy's story; and I am the main character. He even sent me a sweater stating I am the main character. I use the sweater in the photograph that is on the front page of my Internet Messiah website. Link. My point is that God, my Father, is illustrating important aspects of his Being with the story he is writing with my life. My life in general is an illustration of the most ignored biblical passage there is: 
Isaiah 45:7. So that is why I am learning how to love Satan as well - since 'Satan' simply is the mask God wears when he is performing tasks that doesn't fit his good and benevolent image. Which is why Daddy wants me to share this conversation with you:

Update: You don't deserve that I write more words to you than what's absolutely necessary. You can click This Link. You don't deserve to even be told what the link is for. Screw you guys, I'm going home!


Here are the links I shared to the original fb post: Link (slide 7), Link (slide 15), Link (slide 25), Link (slide 27), Link (slide 29), Link (slide 32) 

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