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Alex Atreyu here! I am an alternative therapist and reconnective healer, and I incarnated here on Earth in 1989 with the mission to prepare humanity for the new era, with a higher spiritual consciousness.

The energy frequency will within a few years get much higher than it has been for a very long time. Although this has already been going on for some time already. This is for the better for many of us. But not everyone manages to cope with these new and foreign frequencies. Time becomes more volatile and the veil between the dimensions thinner. My job is to assist with reconnective healing and tap into the healing frequencies, receive the good and loving energies, and spread it on to the people I meet.

It's an honor to be a big piece in God's perfect plan, and together with the Moonchild, and many other spiritual men and women around the world, I will make sure we stand strong and unified through this critical time.

A magnetic pole shift is imminent, and once and for all this will prove that Mother Nature is much greater than us as a species. We can expect a dramatic change in climate, with more cloud cover and low solar activity. This means we are already at full speed into a new ice age. And not global warming which we so falsely are being told.

A pole shift could change Earth's axis, and create a colder climate. But it's a necessary change to transform the outward material consciousness of humanity, into a more love-centered and inward consciousness, where we will begin to see our own greatness and become acquainted with the God in each and everyone of us!

We are eternal, timeless souls who incarnate on Earth to learn how to cope with life's many obstacles. It's a role play we must take seriously for the sake of our own soul's learning progress.  And to enjoy its journey as much as we can. Be at peace with ourselves! 

And when the lives we live end, we are well received in the dimension we really come from, enjoying the company of other beings in our highest energy potential, and feel the wonderful unconditional love our God and Creator so generously pours over us!

Go with bliss. May eternal light shine upon you. Amen.

And by the way - here is a link to my home page and info to make an appointment (if you understand Norwegian) ;-)

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